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Saints are human and lovable.

When we hear of "Saints," it is not uncommon for us to imagine people who can cure a mighty goiter with a simple touch of the hand, or predict a future event with perfect accuracy, or be present in two places at the same time, or float in the air during a vision. At other times our image of the Saints is that of people with downcast eyes, people generally out of touch with the concrete happenings around them. And so we not infrequently conclude that Saints are people who are uncommon, strange, not human.

These, however, are just images pointed for us by writers and painters. It is true indeed that many of them could have moments in which they seemed to have no feelings at all. But this is looking at the Saints only from one angle. The truth is also that many Saints did not perform any miracle while they were still alive, for miracles are given through them not for their own sake, but in view of their service to their fellowmen. It is also a fact that Saints have intense feelings. It is enough to look at the martyrs and their unflinching courage.

The Saints lived their lives with love. Their love is one, that is the love of God and neighbor, but their lives are many according to their diverse temperaments, cultures, circumstances and historical conditions. This should be a encouragement for us. It means that however diverse are the conditions in which we find ourselves, we can still imitate the Saints. When the church canonizes a Saint, she is proclaiming before he world an exemplary life which the faithful can imitate. After all, we, too, are human, and seek to live a life fully alive, fully inlove.